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The lang parameter can take any of the possible values:

  • ar: Arabic
  • az: Azerbaijani
  • be: Belarusian
  • bg: Bulgarian
  • bs: Bosnian
  • ca: Catalan
  • cs: Czech
  • da: Danish
  • de: German
  • el: Greek
  • en: English (which is the default)
  • es: Spanish
  • et: Estonian
  • fi: Finnish
  • fr: French
  • he: Hebrew
  • hr: Croatian
  • hu: Hungarian
  • id: Indonesian
  • is: Icelandic
  • it: Italian
  • ja: Japanese
  • ka: Georgian
  • ko: Korean
  • kw: Cornish
  • lv: Latvian
  • nb: Norwegian Bokmål
  • nl: Dutch
  • no: Norwegian Bokmål (alias for nb)
  • pl: Polish
  • pt: Portuguese
  • ro: Romanian
  • ru: Russian
  • sk: Slovak
  • sl: Slovenian
  • sr: Serbian
  • sv: Swedish
  • tet: Tetum
  • tr: Turkish
  • uk: Ukrainian
  • x-pig-latin: Igpay Atinlay
  • zh: simplified Chinese
  • zh-tw: traditional Chinese

If you require a language not listed here, please consider contributing to our API translation module on Github.


The units field can take the following options:

  • auto: automatically select units based on geographic location
  • ca: same as si, except that windSpeed and windGust are in kilometers per hour
  • uk2: same as si, except that nearestStormDistance and visibility are in miles, and windSpeed and windGust in miles per hour
  • us: Imperial units (the default)
  • si: SI units

SI units are as follows:

  • summary: Any summaries containing temperature or snow accumulation units will have their values in degrees Celsius or in centimeters (respectively).
  • nearestStormDistance: Kilometers.
  • precipIntensity: Millimeters per hour.
  • precipIntensityMax: Millimeters per hour.
  • precipAccumulation: Centimeters.
  • temperature: Degrees Celsius.
  • temperatureMin: Degrees Celsius.
  • temperatureMax: Degrees Celsius.
  • apparentTemperature: Degrees Celsius.
  • dewPoint: Degrees Celsius.
  • windSpeed: Meters per second.
  • windGust: Meters per second.
  • pressure: Hectopascals.
  • visibility: Kilometers.